Welcome to the Tarot Sheet Revival project website.

The number of people who are following my work is growing everyday, turning what was once a lonely quest, at the beginning, into a sense of giving and sharing. It really warms my heart! It’s a real pleasure to have you here.

I feel that this site is good venue in which to show what I do from a different perspective, other than the social media chronology. However, this should not prevent you from following, or joining me there for fresh updates and spontaneous posts.

So, now I invite you to explore this site’s basic content, beginning with the introduction of two wonderful, important, different, surprising, vibrant, powerful tarot decks: the Rosenwald T22 and the Budapest Tarot. These decks represent the culmination, but also the main body of my 2 last years’ work, incorporating early tarot images and artifacts. Additional information about them  can be found on a page I dedicated to each of them.

Happy discoveries!


cary moon