Rosenwald ADDE (T22 add-on)

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56 cards deck + 4 bonus cards (printed on 350gr cardboard)

Cards size 5cm / 9cm

All cards are cut by hand giving an authentic irregularity to the cards pack

Handmade packaging envelope with an original linocut Stamp print (paper : Ingres à la cuve)

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TSR004 / 1st Edition
Number of cards: 56 + 4 bonus Queens (this deck does not include the Trumps)
Size: 5 cm / 9 cm
Packaging : original Linocut Stamp print and folded into an envelope (handmade)
Every deck is dated and signed.

This deck of 60 cards is an add-on to turn the Rosenwald T22 into a full tarot deck. Nevertheless, the amount of cards you get by gathering the T22 and the ADDE is the same as the Rosenwald Tarot.

The origin and date for the Rosenwald Tarot are Perugia in 1501, most common theories point to a Florentine origin, dating as far back as the XVth century to the early XVIth century. It is based on 3 uncut sheets of playing cards kept at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Another print of the trumps sheet can be found in the collection of the Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum in very bad condition.

On the National Gallery sheet, the printed trumps cards and 3 Queens are reversed in a mirror image.

The rest of the deck take place on 2 sheets with the same numbers of cards. Those sheets show a very different engraving style with much more refinement. For this reason, it could be concluded that they respectively present 2 different decks. Nevertheless, other theories exist.

There are missing cards among the three sheets to compose a full tarot deck. On the trumps sheet, one Fool and one Queen are missing. While no tens can be found on the other ones.

For the purpose of use, I recreated those missing cards and four additional Queen that fit the style of the second engraver.

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    I think this product is very nice.
    These cards give me inspiration.
    I really enjoy fortune-telling with these cards.

    And this shop is very good.
    They react quickly and work politely.
    I like them very much.
    Thank you as always.
    I will use this shop again

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