The first 2 TSR tarots available (limited edition)

They’re available, at last ! After months searchng for the right formula, a major step was made with my 2 first tarot decks release : the Budapest and the Rosenwald T22.

The Budapest is a reconstruction of a 78 cards italian tarot dating from the 15th century. The Rosenwald, limited to the 22 trump cards (“major arcana”) was probably printes circa 1500.

Both are printed for this first edition at 250 copies numbered and signed. Forthcoming reprint will always be slightly differents, with a few variations I will make each time depending on my researches or my creativity.

My creative choices lead me to custom-build a packaging inspired by the ancient card makers envelopes. Each envelope is an original linocut printed on a 160gr color paper. This process is fully handmade.

You can already purchase your copies via a simple order form, until the eshop is ready. I’ll answer you by email for confirmation. The payment method is Paypal.

Prices & shipping :

Budapest : 55,00

Rosenwald : 25,00

Shipping per order

To Belgium : 6,00

Rest of the world : 14,00€ (may vary for certain countries – confirmed by mail)


3 Replies to “The first 2 TSR tarots available (limited edition)”

  1. May I purchase one of each deck please

    1. Sullivan Hismans TSR says: Reply

      Hi Ron, You can fill the form under “how to order” in the main menu.
      This will automatically send me your informations for the shipping.
      The rest of the procedure will be offline by mail exchange. Thanks for asking.

      1. Thank you, I missed that somehow.

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