Iean Noblet Trumps Collection

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22 cards + 2 pips 

Card size: 9.2 x 5.7cm

Packaged in a handmade, hand-painted envelope

First limited edition – numbered and signed on a bonus card

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Noblet Trumps / TSR013 / Digital Print

Number of Cards: 22 + 2 extra cards (2 of Cups & 2 of coins
Card size: 9.2 x 5.7cm

Packaging: Handmade envelope with a 3-colour hand-painted design (verge paper 160gr)
First limited edition. Each deck is numbered from 1 to 400, and signed on an additional card.

Restoration of the Iean Noblet Tarot Trumps

To redraw the tarot of Iean Noblet, I referred to the only copy of this well-loved tarot, preserved in the National Library of France (Paris).

My approach to tarot restoration is always to preserve as faithfully as possible the character of the original woodcuts. In my redrawing, I made the finest details clearly visible.

Particularities of the Iean Noblet Tarot 

The Noblet is a Type I tarot, and one of the earliest from the Marseille tradition. It was manufactured around 1660 by the Parisian card maker Jean Noblet.

The deck is incomplete: five pip cards are missing (from 6 to 10 of Swords).

Despite this tarot’s smaller than usual size, the obvious finesse of the engravings and the attention to detail are testament to the great mastery of the artist. This little tarot is by no means a simplified or downgraded version of its contemporaries. My main personal goal, during the restoration process, was to shed light on those subtlties partly obscured by the very dark and opaque blues and greens used to paint the historical deck.

The stick of the LE FOV is ended by the fool’s marotte and his genitals are exposed.

The raised hand of LEBATELEUR was broken on the mold (only 2 fingers and the beginning of his wand are visible on the printed card). On the table, three dices, very finely carved, are showing their numeral values.

Trump card XIII is named LAMORT, and has hair.

On LE SOLEIL, the figure on the left hand side is fully clothed.

Iean Noblet, card maker in Paris.

Iean Noblet was a Parisian card maker active during the mid-XVIIth century. The following texts are engraved on two pip cards: -I-NOBLET-AVFAV / BOVR-St-GERMAIN- (on the 2 of Cups), and IEAN NOBLET-DMt-AV-FAVBOVR-St-GERMAIN (on the 2 of coins). This translates as: Jean Noblet, established (dmt) at Faubourg (avfav) Saint-Germain, in Paris. The TSR Noblet Trumps deck includes these two extra cards.

The initials I.N. appear on the Chariot trump card, suggesting that in addition to his role as card maker, Iean Noblet may have signed this deck as an engraver.

3 reviews for Iean Noblet Trumps Collection

  1. J C Boden (verified owner)

    I have to say the restorations par Sullivan are the only historical decks I use. His work is in a class of his own. It matters little whether one pays for the beautiful hand-painted renditions or his digital print versions, all receive the same special touch and love… and all arrive with us carrying that ‘magical’ quality that is the secret of Sullivan. His customer care is second to none and offers a personal service making one feel they are his sole customer. His exceptional command of the English language makes for a trouble-free transaction. I am always ‘over the moon’ with every deck. Thank you.

  2. Carol (verified owner)

    I have fallen in love with this little Trumps Collection. I am so happy with the coloring used. The dark blue and green and the shading of the light blue is magic. The wrapper is artwork and the little packet feels so nice. I have read with this one a number of times and it is so accurate it is surprising. I want to say I wish it was a whole deck.. The cards are so beautiful. But it works so well I can’t complain.

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    My favourite trump deck. The attention to detail and rich colours give this small deck the power of 10. Card stock is superb and packaging is a treat.
    Get a little wallet for them and you all are set to travel a world of adventure.

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