Budapest Tarot

The Second Limited Edition of 450 copies is now Available! (TSR001)

Second Limited Edition with significant.

This tarot deck is a reconstruction of one of the oldest printed tarots. The original documents are uncut sheets, partially incomplete, situated in different museums (Metropolitan Museum – Budapest Museum of Fine Arts) and private collections. Its accepted geographical origin is Italy (Venecia or Ferrara) where it was printed between the end of the XVth and the beginning of the XVIth century.

Complementing one another, I was able recompose all the 22 trumps and the major part of the 78 card deck directly from the sheet series. I studied connected historical documents to recreate the missing cards.

The restoration work took the direction of a very accurate redrawing of the original engraving lines. As some of the sheets were stencil coloured, the final rendering respects as far as possible the aspect and forms observable on the source documents. The attention to the finest details during all the elaboration process made this tarot extremely close to its original model.

The envelope wrapping your tarot is an original creation and a handprinted linocut inspired by this fascinating and particular style.
For this first limited edition, each deck is numbered and signed from 1 to 250 on the envelope and on an additional card.