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Tarot Restoration Process

Tarot Sheet Revival was born from my dream of reviving the earliest printed tarots. Each TSR creation is the result of technical mastery, sensitivity to stylistic nuances, and attention to the finest details. A customized restoration process ensures that the uniqueness of each historical artifact is preserved. I believe that these rare and precious hieroglyphs reward continuous investigation by revealing the purity of their designs.

Respect for historic accuracy and artistic integrity is the hallmark of a TSR tarot.

Handcrafted Tarot Decks

Tarot Sheet Revival is a research laboratory for the rediscovery and implementation of techniques inspired by the master cardmakers and wood engravers. A variety of tailor-made techniques, preparations and materials contribute to the creation of each TSR tarot.

Handmade envelopes
original engravings
natural glues from ancient recipes
hand-glued cards made from laminated sheets
hand-cut stencils and hand-painting

Each element invokes the magic and emotion of touching a piece of history.

TSR Community

The story of Tarot Sheet Revival is a beautiful journey of growth and support through the social networks. I am grateful to the global community of those who are devoted to discovering the sources of the first printed tarots. In return, I place my skills and experience in the service of this passion that unites us: to revive our tarot heritage.

TSR is proud to place into your hands tools of excellence for the practice and study of tarot.

When you buy a TSR tarot, you contribute to the development of future projects.

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