Budapest Tarot

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The Budapest Tarot (second limited edition)

78 cards deck + 5 bonus cards (printed on 350gr cardboard)

Card size 5.5cm / 10cm

Packaged in a handmade envelope with an original stencil coloured print (canson paper 160gr)

2nd limited edition: numbered and signed from 1 to 450

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Limited Edition / 450 ex. TSR001
Number of cards : 78 + 5 info cards
Size : 5.5 cm / 10 cm
Packaging : Stencil coloured print, folded into an envelope (handmade)
Each deck is numbered and signed

This tarot deck is a reconstruction of one of the oldest printed tarots. The geographical origin commonly accepted for this tarot is Italy (Venecia or Ferrara), and its date is somewhere between the end of the XVth century and the beginning of the XVIth century.

The original documents are uncut sheets, partially incomplete. They are located in the Metropolitan Museum, the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, and private collections. These sheets complement one another. Therefore, I was able to recompose all 22 trumps, and the majority of the remaining 56 cards.

The work of restoration consisted of a close redrawing of the original engraved lines. Some of the sheets were stencil-coloured. To respect the source document specificity, the final rendering focus on all its aspects and forms observable. The attention to the finest details during the development process results in a tarot that is extremely close to its original model.

The envelope wrapping your tarot is an original creation featuring a hand stencil coloured print inspired by the fascinating and unique style of the original Budapest tarot.

For this first limited edition, each deck is numbered and signed from 1 to 450 on the envelope as well as an additional card.

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Dimensions 11 × 6 × 4 cm

7 reviews for Budapest Tarot

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    This deck is a real treat. I find a playfulness in the imagery which makes it feel quite modern despite its age. It’s such a pleasure to be able to hold and handle a deck of this antiquity and be transported back through the ages and realise that people are people whatever the century – we don’t really change that much. Sullivan is a skilled artisan who is enhancing our view of the tarot for many more generations to come. The card stock feels nice in the hands and they shuffle really well. The attention to detail is second to none and the love and care he imparts into all of his decks once again shines throughout this one. Buy this and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Glenn (verified owner)

    The “Budapest” deck allows fascinating, rarely obtained insights into the very formation of Tarot history in its printed, not painted form, from northern Italy. The cards have a rustic, folkloric quality and iconography that closely parallels the far more familiar ‘Marseille’ pattern, which was surely derived from this deck. However, there are also many differences to discover and ponder, which is surely part of the considerable appeal and attraction of this deck. The order of the Trumps is different, for instance, and the Page drinks from his cup, while holding what appears to be a zampogna! Those accustomed to reading a ‘Marseille’ deck will have no trouble with this one, and its use will likely enhance one’s interpretive skills generally.
    This Tarot has been reclaimed with the greatest skill, intelligence and sensitivity by Mr. Hismans. Every aspect of this production is exquisite and faultless. Anyone interested in Tarot, and its complex history will be grateful for this affordable, useful, and exceptionally beautiful art work which has been produced with the utmost respect for historical authenticity. A deck from the past, engaging the future, and staying true.

  3. Marilyn from Tarot Clarity (verified owner)

    I purchased this deck to help me connect the dots while trying to make sense of how tarot imagery evolved. It’s fascinating to see the trumps of an every day man and compare them to the earlier decks of the Visconti and Estensi courts. Is there a list of the cards that had to be recreated, or does this deck have all the original 22 trumps?

    • Sullivan Hismans TSR

      The sheets have all 22 original trumps present. Still some of them had to be for a big part completed.
      Please refer to my article:
      You will find all the links to the original sheets preserved in Budapest.
      Sheet 1 and 2 are the ones you’ll have to look at, so you can deduct the missing parts I had to reconstruct.
      I can already tell that emperor, pope and lovers required more attention.

  4. Carol (verified owner)

    I’m in love! The feel of all of the decks are second to none. This one is special. I love the artwork. I’m happy to see the sheets since the deck is very unique. I love that sun and the relation of the Sun, Moon, and Star with the trees which I feel represent a feminine aspect. Like having Mother earth represented. I didn’t expect them to be as wonderful as they are to see and hold in person. You can’t go wrong with any of the decks. I love them all. I missed out on one. I will be waiting for anything else to come for sure. I can’t say enough about the three I was able to get.

  5. J C Boden (verified owner)

    I received my Budapest a little while ago and wanted to live and work with it before writing my review. I too love all the deck creations of Sullivan and with this deck especially I so appreciate that Sullivan retained all the natural quirks in the cards, for example, cross eyes etc… These attentions to detail and sometimes strange aspects speak with their own voice in readings and my greatest gratitude is the professionalism of Sullivan to retain them in all their wonder! Delighted beyond words with my purchase. Thank you.

  6. Tony Lazzari (verified owner)

    Outstanding artwork, and outstanding quality of cards. There is a particular indescribable charm you experience when shuffling this deck. The card stock is superb, shuffles like a dream, and the colors — oh my! You need a fire extinguisher to put out those flames! If you like classical decks, I cannot recommend this deck enough. Shipping to America took about a month, but it was well worth the wait. If this deck is speaking to you as you browse this website, just order it. You will not regret it!

  7. Joan (verified owner)

    The Budapest Tarot is engaging and beautiful. Yes, also playful and charming as other reviewers have noted. It is fascinating to compare it to other Italian tarocchi of the same early period, since it is so humorous and modest compared to the solemn and self-conscious styles of other popular or princely decks.
    The art and loving craftsmanship of the restoration are touching.
    Thank you.

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