Gérard Bodet Tarot

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78-card deck (+1 reconstructed Ace of Cups)

Card size: 12,4 x 7cm

Packaged in a handmade, hand-painted envelope

First limited edition – numbered and signed on a bonus card

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Gérard Bodet Tarot / TSR011 / Digital Print

Number of Cards: 79
Card size: 12.4 x 7cm
Packaging: Handmade envelope with a 4-colour hand-painted design (verge paper 160gr)
First limited edition. Each deck is numbered from 1 to 400, and signed on an additional card.

The Gérard Bodet Tarot is the result of four years of research, rendering and restoration.

Made by Gérard Bodet, card maker in Liège, Belgium, circa 1693, this tarot is an exceptional example of what is commonly called the “Rouen-Brussels” pattern. Trumps II is CAPITANO ERACASSF | LESRAGNOL instead of La Papesse, and BACVS replaces Le Pape. It allows us to see how this design evolved to become the more characteristic Brussels tarot, and is even closer to the Vieville than other later designs. Apart from some isolated cards by different card makers, this complete 78-card deck is the only remaining 17th century example of this tradition.

The Gérard Bodet Tarot (limited edition) is the first and only reproduction of this deck recently acquired by the Musée national de la carte à jouer (Turnout, Belgium). Since its discovery around 1994, it has become indispensable – alongside the Vieville and the Adam C De Hautot – when trying to understand and reconstruct the history of the Belgian tarot. Predating the famous Vandenborre by more than eighty years, it unquestionably confirms that Jacques Vieville and Gérard Bodet used a similar model for their engravings. To me, the correspondence between their respective line drawings is so intimate, it feels as though Bodet is copying Vieville, in a touching, expressive, and burlesque style.

The Gérard Bodet Tarot (limited edition) by TSR innovates using traditional and digital art techniques to translate the poetry, beauty and character of the ancient playing cards. For this edition, I felt called to emphasise a more antique and aged look. The background of each illustration is rendered with high definition scans of paper used by printers in Liège, from the same time period. Each card has a different back and the borders are subtly darkened. The result is a deck that offers countless variations of texture and depth, bringing an organic vibrancy to your spreads. This Tarot represents the next step in the evolution of TSR, taking me deeper in my quest to create original art works that preserve the feeling of holding a piece of history in your hands.

When you purchase the Gérard Bodet (limited edition), you will receive:

  • A true-to-life version of the Gérard Bodet Tarot, achieved through a process of hand-stencilled colouring, high-definition scans, and digital recomposition, to recreate the exact colouring techniques used by the master card maker.
  • Handmade packaging: the design of the envelope is inspired by the traditional packaging used by 17th century cardmakers, and hand-painted in four colours.
  • A high quality print on smooth, double-sided cardstock, for exceptional finish and ease of shuffling. Printed locally, with love and expertise.
  • A limited-edition deck. Signed and numbered, from 1 to 400, on an additional card and on the envelope.

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4 reviews for Gérard Bodet Tarot

  1. J C Boden (verified owner)

    Another beautiful and heartfelt Tarot from Sullivan. I feel the natural charm inherent in this particular Tarot perfectly marries with the sincere innocence that Sullivan brings to his restoration work. There is a showcase of masculine and feminine elements hidden within this Tarot that will make it a true delight to work with. I’m once again truly delighted! Thank you.

  2. Richard Gladstone

    A slice of history preserved by a true tarot historian and artist. Sullivans hasn’t only just recreated another deck, but Sullivan has kept history alive by restoring this magnificent find. I am truly honoured and delighted to be a proud owner of the “Gérard Bodet” Tarot.

  3. Glenn (verified owner)

    I only have praise for the magnificent restoration of this Tarot. Prospective buyers should know that its photos on the TSR website fail to do the actual deck justice. The cards are luminous with energy, mystery, and vibrant, harmonious color. Images appear ready to burst through their frames. The minor arcana is particularly Dionysian, & beautiful. So much to ponder: How, 300 years ago, were the original decks bought, sold, and how many copies produced? How did one of the stars from L’etoille fall on the ground in La lune? The cartouche in Le monde that, uniquely, echoes Le monde in the Tarot de Paris? Le Bateleux’s mirrored table top? And what about the connection to Vieville? Far and away worth the expense, and worth more.

  4. Stephen McCabe (verified owner)

    I received this piece of beautiful history in my hands last week. Since then I have rarely stopped meditating with it, writing poems with it, or doing readings for myself and others. It has a special quality that is difficult to explain: it feels genuinely old, every detail precise and yet mysterious. I’m so delighted to own a deck in the Rouen-Brussels style: it is a psychological masterpiece and to work with it feels like stepping into an older life, a wiser life. The Spanish Captain and Bacchus – perfect! Thank you Sullivan for your incredible work: it will be cherished.

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