Rosenwald T22

Limited Edition / 250 copies. TSR002

Number of cards: 22 + 2 info cards (EN / FR)

Size: +/- 5 cm / 9 cm  (hand cutted following the original print cutting lines – intentional size variations)

Packaging: original Linocut print and folded into an envelope (handmade)

Every deck is numbered and signed.

Price: 25,00€ + shipping

This revival deck of 22 cards is based on an uncut sheet of playing cards kept at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Another print can be found in the collection of the Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum.

On the National Gallery sheet, the printed cards are reversed in a mirror image. Our version reverses it back because the Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum sheet clearly shows the trumps printed in the correct orientation.

The Dutch sheet offers an important clue concerning its origin and date because it is associated with a sheet belonging to a book printed in Perugia in 1501. The most common theories point to a Florentine origin, dating as far back as the XVth century to the early XVIth century.