Dodali Tarot

The Dodali Tarot is a 100% handmade, hand-painted traditional full tarot deck of seventy-eight cards plus three alternative cards (Page of Wands, Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords).

After an intensive two-year process of research and restoration, the Dodali Tarot joins the TSR family of historical tarot decks. It is the most accurate contemporary reproduction of the historical Tarot de Iean Dodal(i), made in Lyon c.1700. The Dodali Tarot by TSR celebrates the forgotten craftsmanship of traditional card making.

When you purchase the hand-painted edition of the Dodali Tarot, you will receive:

  • A completely handcrafted deck using the TSR signature, handmade lamination process: two printed sheets of paper, glued and pressed together. This process is the only way to recreate the texture and durability of an authentic, traditional playing card.
  • A hand-painted, one-of-a-kind deck, featuring precise colour-matching, updated using contemporary pigments. The deck is painted according to the six-colour coding system assigned by master card maker Iean Dodali.
  • A hand-cut deck: every single card in the Dodali hand-painted deck is cut by hand. This respects the slight natural distortion of each uncut sheet after the gluing process.
  • The exclusive TSR Unicorn handmade coffret. This sturdy, hand-painted and handcrafted box is constructed from archival quality cardboard, to protect your Dodali deck.

If you are searching for a breathtaking piece of art, and an exceptional tool for your tarot practice, look no further than the hand-painted Dodali Tarot.