Adam C de Hautot Tarot


78 cards deck

Card size: 11.5 x 6.6cm

Packaged in a handmade, hand-painted envelope

First limited edition – numbered and signed on a bonus card

40 in stock



Adam C. de Hautot Tarot / TSR009 / Digital Print

Number of Cards: 78
Card size: 11.5 x 6.7cm
Packaging: Handmade envelope with a 4-colour hand-painted design (verge paper 160gr)
First limited edition. Each deck is numbered from 1 to 400, and signed on an additional card.

Adam C. de Hautot Tarot is the result of three years of research, rendering and restoration.

Restoration of the Adam C. de Hautot Tarot

To redraw the tarot of Adam C. de Hautot, I referred to the two extant copies of this iconic tarot, preserved in the Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer (Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris), and the Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum (Leinfelden-Echterdingen). It is good to know that both museum have uncomplete decks and that even by gathering the two copies, there are still a few missing cards. Fortunately enough, the Musée des Beaux-Arts (Dunkerque, France) owns several copies plus an envelope. That last information came very late in my redrawing process as the museum is closed since 2015. It was then possible to redraw those last cards out of a scan. By a careful comparison of each card borders, I was also able to reassemble all cards together and assign them their original place on the 7 different molds. My approach to tarot restoration is always to preserve as faithfully as possible the character of the original woodcuts. In my redrawing, I made the most of high-definition scans.

Colouring the Digital Print Edition

An innovative process combining hand-colouring and digital art allowed me to reconstruct the traditional colouring methods. Each of the six colours was applied by hand, using separate stencil sheets. This four-step process facilitates organic colour-blending and produces a more subtle result. Next, a high-definition scan was digitally overlaid with the textured line drawing and textures of papers from the same time period. This hybrid technology adheres to Tarot Sheet Revival’s goal of authentically expressing the poetic character of historical tarots.

Particularities of the Adam C. de Hautot Tarot 

The Adam C de Hautot belongs to the “Rouen-Brussels” pattern, matching with the tarots made by Brussels card makers. The trumps II is CAPITANO FRACASE – LES PAGN OL instead of La Papesse and BACUS replaces Le Pape. This tarot has a very unique style and could be considered as a bridge between the Vieville tarot and the Belgian tarot. LIMPERATRICE comes IIII after LEMPEREVR (III) and LE.FOL is numbered XXII. A skeleton can be found among the figures of LE.IUGEMENT card that is totally original. LE.PENDV is oriented head up, with a thick black line as a rope above is running from the top of his skull to the border of the card. LE MONDE depicting Fortuna and the checkered pattern are similarities with the “Anonyme Parisien” tarot.

Adam C. de Hautot, card maker in Rouen.

Adam C. de Hautot was a Rouen business owner belonging to the de Hautot familly, active in the 17th and 18th Century. It is difficult to tell with absolute certainty, which of the three Adam manufactured this tarot. But the words “AU COEUR ROYAL” associated with his name on several cards and on the envelope can be found on an archive giving the dates 1723-1728. This card maker, Adam C. de Hautot, is known from 1723 to 1748.


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