The first two TSR tarots (limited edition – 250 copies)

In November 2016, they were available, at last!

After months searching for the right formula, the paper, the right printing method, a major step was made with my 2 first tarot decks release : the Budapest Tarot and the Rosenwald T22.

The Budapest Tarot is a reconstruction of a 78 cards italian tarot deck dating back to the 15th century. The Rosenwald, limited to the 22 trump cards (“major arcana”) was probably printed circa 1500.


It took me two years to finish the redrawing process of the Budapest. This accomplished, the printing results were still not satisfying and I had to wait more for the launch of the Budapest Tarot print. During this time, I also worked on many other tarot cards to refine my technique and methodology. I came to study the Rosenwald Sheets and was surprised that my close analysis revealed that those sheets had been corrupted by uncertain redrawings. It was probably an attempt to reconstruct the original look of the sheets for presentation purpose.

Questioning my network about it, I understood that it was something that hadn’t been noticed before and I started dreaming of a serious reconstitution of the major. The first step was to digitally remove all the drawing that did not belong to the engraving. The second one consisted on the reconstruction according to the very style of the anonymous engraver. In a few months, the Rosenwald T22 was there as a result.

Both were printed, for this first edition, at 250 copies numbered and signed. My creative choices lead me to custom-build a packaging inspired by the ancient card makers envelopes. Each envelope being an original linocut printed on a 160gr Canson color paper. The Rosenwald T22 cards are hand cut.


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  1. May I purchase one of each deck please

    1. Sullivan Hismans TSR says: Reply

      Hi Ron, You can fill the form under “how to order” in the main menu.
      This will automatically send me your informations for the shipping.
      The rest of the procedure will be offline by mail exchange. Thanks for asking.

      1. Thank you, I missed that somehow.

  2. Hallo! Do you still have these decks in stock? I’m only interested in limited editions. Thank you.

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